Comparison of text rendering issues on Chrome vs. Safari

It appears that since some modern version of Chrome, this issue has been fixed. The Chrome renderings of text now look the same as Safari renderings.

In both screenshots, the top version of text is rendered by the JavaScript program at my LCD rendering page. The bottom version is rendered by the browser in question. The Safari results at AppleFontSmoothing=2 correspond to the default OS X font rendering on LCD display.

In all these results, Chrome displays darkening artifacts on the violet-green case, although text rendering on white and black seems quite acceptable for AFS 1 .. 3.

In an ideal world, JavaScript results would not be affected by the AFS setting, but as it happens the glyphs seen by JavaScript are produced by the system and therefore are affected by the AFS setting. It would be possible to compensate for the problem by rendering text at even higher horizontal resolution than 3x, and then downscale. Alternatively, I could build FreeType for JavaScript and use it directly. However, as it is, this demo only shows how to spot defective alpha blending.